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The New Moon In December 2022

How Will This Full Moon Affect You?
How Will This Full Moon Affect You?

The new moon in December 2022 will bring with it many exciting celestial events since it marks an end-of-year holiday for many people around the world.

As we enter into a new year, we have many things to look forward to- including more gift giving occasions like Christmas and New Year celebrations! While we're busy celebrating these festivities, let's briefly look back at how our lives have changed thanks to technology and scientific advancements made over the past 150 years.

Finally, let us give thanks for each blessing in our life as we approach this next year!

December is a month of celebration and contemplation.

It is also considered a month of gift giving and merrymaking.

In addition, the holiday season starts in December and continues through January.

The month is named after the Roman god Saturn, who ruled over agriculture and the earth's elements.

Each month has its own meaning in astronomy and astrology, which makes the lunar cycle an intriguing subject to explore.

When we look at the moon from earth, we can see that it orbits the earth once every 28 days.

However, the moon only appears to change its position slightly.

This is because the moon's orbit is very far from earth's surface.

It takes the moon about 27 days to go all the way around once.

The moon's orbit is also inclined at an angle of 5.2 degrees to the plane of earth's orbit.

This means that some of the moon's light never reaches earth; it is reflected back into space before reaching our eyes.

Special Day 7 December 2022 Full Moon
Special Day 7 December 2022 Full Moon

The name 'new moon' refers to the fact that there is no light from the moon at all.

Furthermore, this light appears at the same time every month- when the new moon appears above the horizon.

Because there is no light from the new moon, people commonly refer to it as a 'dark moon'.

On a dark night you can see stars and planets like Jupiter and Mars with your naked eye, but you need a telescope to see the moon.

The absence of light makes it hard to see anything on earth from space, so astronomers call this phenomenon 'moon blindness'.


For example: 'snowy moon' when there are many clouds around the moon, or 'sliver' when there are just a few clouds around it.

The name 'December' comes from Old English and Old Germanic languages; it originally meant 'december,' which was one of Julius Caesar's calendar's seven months.

In addition, december is also one of Martin Luther's 40 holidays celebrated in December.

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